For centuries, Christians have debated the canonicity of over a dozen major, well-known ancient bits of religious literature that, at least within Protestantism, have never quite made the final cut. They are just not in our Bibles. And if you have never read them, you may well wonder why.

If you’ve read them … well, I’m guessing you already know.

So consider the twelve posts in this series a little cruise through a tropical ocean of questionable theology, odd tales and morbid curiosities, perhaps best accompanied by some light Caribbean tunes, a pair of sunglasses and a soft drink with a pink umbrella in it.

On a more serious note, you may find the exercise helps us better define what it is about the word of God that distinguishes it from all the other religious writings, folktales, stories and myths with which human history is replete. We know scripture cannot really be imitated, but we don’t always know quite why that is.

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