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We might have called these Questions from Camp or Questions from Teens, except that some didn’t come from camp and some didn’t come from teens.

Some of these may seem more basic than others, but all give us an opportunity to explore issues that actually matter to real people.
Anonymous Asks (0) Do you think that we should wait to date until we are more prepared to be married, or date younger?
Anonymous Asks (1) Why not get rid of the Old Testament?
Anonymous Asks (2) If your father tells you to kill someone and you say ‘no’, would that be considered a sin?
Anonymous Asks (3) Is feeling same-sex attraction a sin? Is it even a choice?
Anonymous Asks (4) Does God not accept or dislike the genders in the LGBTQ+ community?
Anonymous Asks (5) How do I stay close to God when there is nothing bad happening?
Anonymous Asks (6) How do you reconcile Ephesians 2:8-9 with James 2:24?
Anonymous Asks (7) If Adam and Eve had Cain and Abel, shouldn’t those be the only people on earth? So who was Cain’s wife?
Anonymous Asks (8) If God doesn’t like suicide, isn’t what Jesus did kind of like that? Did God send his Son to be murdered?
Anonymous Asks (9) In the Trinity, we know the attributes of God and Jesus, but do we really know many about the Holy Spirit?
Anonymous Asks (10) How can we know that God is actually real?
Anonymous Asks (11) How can I help a non-believer friend who is extremely struggling?
Anonymous Asks (12) Where did God come from before he created earth, animals and humankind?
Anonymous Asks (13) If the stars are so far away and it would take millions of light years for them to be seen from earth, why do we see stars?
Anonymous Asks (14) How do you stay on a spiritual high?
Anonymous Asks (15) How do you not focus on what people think of you?
Anonymous Asks (16) I have a friend at my public high school and she isn’t really walking with God anymore. What do I do?
Anonymous Asks (17) Why memorize scripture?
Anonymous Asks (18) How do you know when you’ve found ‘the one’?
Anonymous Asks (19) I keep praying the sinner’s prayer. I’m so anxious. Am I saved or not?
Anonymous Asks (20) Does God have a specific career or school for you to go to?
Anonymous Asks (21) How do you know if you’re being called to go to the mission field?
Anonymous Asks (22) What if I have doubts about my faith? What should I do?
Anonymous Asks (23) How can I be a witness to my friends and still be accepted?
Anonymous Asks (24) How do you separate from bad friends without hurting them or making them think you’re stuck up?
Anonymous Asks (25) In dealing with authority, how can I explain things or make a point without sounding argumentative or disrespectful?
Anonymous Asks (26) Why is God so morbidly violent in the Old Testament?
Anonymous Asks (27) How do I talk to an atheist about Jesus?
Anonymous Asks (28) How did people know about God before the Bible?
Anonymous Asks (29) Does Jesus love us all equally?
Anonymous Asks (30) What is the unforgivable sin?
Anonymous Asks (31) How do I know I’m saved?
Anonymous Asks (32) What is an effective way to show, shine, and represent our faith as hormonally crazy teenagers?
Anonymous Asks (33) Why does God allow trials, tribulations, and suffering?
Anonymous Asks (34) How do you know God is real besides ‘look all around you’?
Anonymous Asks (35) Why is it ok for the church to sell coffee and other products?
Anonymous Asks (36) How can we make our faith stronger?
Anonymous Asks (37) Why does school suck?
Anonymous Asks Again Why does school suck?
Anonymous Asks (38) Can ghosts and evil things get me?
Anonymous Asks (39) How did dinosaurs exist if they are not found in the Bible?
Anonymous Asks (40) In Genesis, Adam and Eve leave the garden and cities are already there and other people. Please explain.

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