What We’re Doing Here

ComingUntrue works through real-world issues for Christians. It’s about thinking our way honestly, rationally and scripturally through modern life.

We think faith matters, and that it matters every day. So we aim to post every day.

We want to ask questions. We want to find out what it means to think Christian-ly about everything. So everything in the world is fair game. Sure, we talk about God; we also talk about current events, pop culture, philosophy, hot issues, sports, music or anything else that is part of who and where we are today.

We think God has answers. Actually, we think he IS the answer. We know anyone who has a living relationship to Jesus Christ, a decent Bible and the help of the Holy Spirit can get as much wisdom or insight for living as they need.

We’re growing every day in understanding what it means to live out faith in Christ. What we write isn’t always perfect: hey, we’re not perfect — at least not yet. If we were, why would we need a Saviour? But we also don’t think we have to know everything before we can say anything. Who could talk if that were true? What we are doing is just airing and sharing. So you can question, you can challenge. We don’t mind.

Our aim is to improve our thinking, grow as Christians, and love Jesus Christ more every day. We want to see the world with the acuity that only comes when you see it though the lens of the Living God. And we want to think through what the Christian life means in practice each day.

If you get all that, then we say, let’s go.

P.S. Comments are welcome and *lightly* moderated. More information about our blog policies and practices is available in our F A Q.


  1. I forgot how to, but how do you propose a "Too hot to handle" Friday topic again. Where do you append that?

  2. You can always email any request directly to tom@cominguntrue.com. Also, commenting on any individual post (like the latest Too Hot) will do it since we approve all comments before posting, so it'll get seen.