So and so posts at SuchandSuchaSite, a multi-author conservative evangelical blog. As with all multi-author blogs, the site is a mixed bag ranging from average to excellent depending on the day and writer. It should go without saying (but doesn’t, so I’ll say it) that as with every site I mention here, enthusiasm about a particular post or writer is not a blanket endorsement of everything they believe or an endorsement of the views of everyone with whom they associate. It is also my personal opinion and may or may not reflect that of others who post at ComingUntrue.

I used to stick these sorts of disclaimers at the bottom of every recommendation post. You can’t read everything a person has written online or elsewhere when you quote them, after all. After a while, I realized anybody who’s read more than a week of this blog already knows I disagree with almost everyone everywhere about SOMETHING, as do we all.

So nowadays something that should go without saying actually DOES go without saying around here ... sometimes, anyway.

Recommend-a-blog (1) Stephen Yuille, Deus Pro Nobis [archived]
Recommend-a-blog (2) Eddy Plett, assemblyHUB
Recommend-a-blog (3) Andrew Heard, The Briefing
Recommend-a-blog (4) Jack Spender, assemblyHUB
Recommend-a-blog (5) James Gibbons, assemblyHUB
Recommend-a-blog (6) Michael Windheuser, GoodNews4U [defunct]
Recommend-a-blog (7) John Lennox, John Lennox
Recommend-a-blog (8) Mel Lawrenz, Bible Gateway
Recommend-a-blog (9) Frank Viola, Patheos/Frank Viola
Recommend-a-blog (10) William Lane Craig, Reasonable Faith [archived]
Recommend-a-blog (11) Raymond Ibrahim, Gatestone Institute
Recommend-a-blog (12) Denyse O’Leary, Evolution News
Recommend-a-blog (13) Stand to Reason
Recommend-a-blog (14) Morally Contextualized Romance [defunct]
Recommend-a-blog (15) Ashrei [defunct]
Recommend-a-blog (16) Got Questions
Recommend-a-blog (17) Tim Barnett, Stand to Reason
Recommend-a-blog (18) Larry Taunton, Larry Alex Taunton
Recommend-a-blog (19) Douglas Wilson, Blog & Mablog
Recommend-a-blog (20) Sarah Salviander, SixDay Science
Recommend-a-blog (21) C. Michael Patton, Credo House
Recommend-a-blog (22) Bible Chronology Studies
Recommend-a-blog (23) Mere Orthodoxy
Recommend-a-blog (24) Bible Contradictions [archived] (why am I not surprised?)
Recommend-a-blog (25) Sam O’Neal, Learn Religions
Recommend-a-blog (26) Aaron Brake, Stand to Reason
Recommend-a-blog (27) Cornerstone Magazine
Recommend-a-blog (28) Adam Ford, Christian Daily Reporter [defunct]
Recommend-a-blog (29) DISNTR (formerly Reformation Charlotte)
Recommend-a-blog (30) Alan Shlemon, Stand to Reason
Recommend-a-blog (31) Tim Barnett, Stand to Reason
Recommend-a-blog (32) Matt Littlefield, Rev. Matt’s Writings
Recommend-a-blog (33) David de Bruyn, Churches Without Chests

The post links above have been added recently. I have tried to ensure all are current both here and in the original posts but, sadly, the passage of ten years on the internet tends toward effective demonstration of the Second Law of Thermodynamics in action. Attrition is a fact of life. Those sites or posts no longer active in 2023 are labeled “[archived]” (still accessible, but not from the original site) and those that could not be retrieved from The Wayback Machine are labeled “[defunct]” (no longer accessible anywhere).