We get all kinds of readers here; some polite, some not so much. Even the cranky ones often give us something to think about and respond to. However, when a comment is posted long after the original piece that provoked it, it’s more useful to respond to it in this forum than in the comments to the original post, especially when the reply it requires is three posts long.

Inbox is a mixed bag of comments from our regulars and questions on various subjects we might not otherwise think to explore. Once in a blue moon, the subject of a critical post shows up to defend him/herself, which is always a good time.

  1. Renewing Them to Repentance
  2. Subordination in Eternity Past
  3. Qman Asks the $64,000 Question
  4. Agnosticism and Folly
  5. The Sin of Sodom
  6. This Makes A Good Point
  7. Someone Greater than Lawrence Is Here
  8. A New Year’s Challenge to Elders Everywhere
  9. Unreceptive Hearts
  10. Dawkins and Calvin Go to Hell
  11. Who’s Getting Married?
  12. Things That Don’t Hold Together
  13. Breeding Atheism
  14. Down the Memory Hole?
  15. Truth Leaves the Stage Entirely
  16. Poor Image Management
  17. The Original Order Was Equality
  18. Taking the Curse Away from Women
  19. Things Jesus Did for Women
  20. Applied Grace and the Smoking Ruins of My Life
  21. The Worst Possible Answer
  22. Sucking the Life Out of “Vampire Churches”
  23. Booking It
  24. The Book of Life in the Book of Revelation
  25. The Finishing Stroke
  26. Measuring the Wind
  27. Timing Is Everything
  28. Me and Western Civilization
  29. Some Sound Advice
  30. Mutual Subjection in 1 Peter 3
  31. Description vs. Prescription
  32. Richard Carrier’s Moral Philosophy
  33. Message and Motive
  34. The ‘Stealth Pastor’
  35. Radical Pruning
  36. Grace and Gratitude
  37. Policing the Table
  38. Have I Got a Deal for You
  39. The Problem Begins at the Platform
  40. Thoughts in Progress (1)
  41. Thoughts in Progress (2)
  42. Blaming the Buzzsaw
  43. Is Socialism Biblical?
  44. Demon Possession and the Church Age
  45. Qualified Omniscience
  46. To the Youth Group
  47. What’s Right with It?
  48. ‘Systemic’ Racism
  49. Was Christ Actually ‘Good’?
  50. Meditating on the Cross
  51. Millennial Musings
  52. Less Serious Side Effects
  53. Priorities, Priorities
  54. Something to Think About
  55. Random Mutterings About Infinite Value
  56. Paul Denies All Righteousness
  57. The Jewish ‘Question’
  58. The Welcome Matt
  59. Israel and Gaza
  60. The Existence of Angels