How Not to Crash and Burn

How many ways can you ruin your life, or at very least dig yourself a hole so deep that climbing out of it affects the rest of your days?

I suspect the number is large, and the book of Proverbs is full of actions and habits of being that tend to bring about varying degrees of destruction and ruin; too many to list. Simple observation of the world around us demonstrates their essential truth.

Proverbs is God’s instruction manual in how not to crash and burn. Heed it and you may still receive a cancer diagnosis one day, or maybe succumb to some genetic defect. It’s a fallen world and such things happen; wisdom cannot help you with that.

What you will NOT do if you read and learn from Proverbs is pull your own house down on your head or otherwise sabotage your own life, and that’s a pretty good reason to make it a regular pit stop in your cycle of daily Bible reading.