Flyover Country

I’m not sure we need another ongoing series of posts at the moment, but a couple of friends have been after me for a while to do a series where each post summarizes a single book of the Bible in one go; an overview that would serve to highlight their themes and most important feature(s).

I’ve resisted this initially because there are so many such things online already. Then I looked more closely and realized some are more useful than others. Some are so brief and random they might as well be tweets, and a few really are.

So I’ll start by aspiring to usefulness, at bare minimum. Of course, execution is another story ...

The numbers after each link refer to the order in which the posts are being written, if that matters to anyone. For ease of reference, I will keep the overall list in the same order as we find the books in our Bibles.

Flyover Country (4) Ruth
Flyover Country (6) Daniel
Flyover Country (8) Galatians
Flyover Country (1) 1 Thessalonians
Flyover Country (2) 2 Thessalonians
Flyover Country (5) Philemon
Flyover Country (9) James
Flyover Country (7) 2 John
Flyover Country (3) 3 John

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