Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Recommend-a-blog (6)

The Christian blogosphere: you get content or you get good delivery. One rarely seems to find the two together.

Rachel Held Evans’ site and many like it are state of the art, if you can stomach the social justice whining: nice graphics, clean presentation and efficient messaging perfectly calibrated for her target audience. She and others like her market themselves and their opinions with a scrupulous professionalism and — oh yeah —reliably mutilate scripture on an almost-daily basis, if you enjoy that sort of thing.

Meanwhile numerous well-written and biblical posts get ignored because their authors haven’t the wherewithal to format them attractively and make them even slightly readable or their host sites convenient to navigate.

Under the general heading “Science & You”, Michael Windheuser has posted thirty-odd short science-related articles with titles like Darwin, You Have Failed Us and Is God Dead? Or Just Improbable? at I’ve read a bunch of them (or others like them) from the days when Windheuser wrote his more-or-less monthly column for the late, lamented Uplook magazine. His posts are intriguing and confirming for mature Christians, but brief, clear, appealing and even convicting, if you want something to pass on to a friend who is searching. They are certainly guaranteed to provoke thought.

That’s if you can get to them, of course. Try to navigate the Good News 4 U site, which seems like it started as one of those good ideas that, sadly, nobody followed through on. It’s easy to get to the main page of each section (though the science posts are buried under the heading “FAQ”) but when you try to click through to older posts, you wind up back on the main page. If anybody connected with the site has ever noticed this, it is not evident. 23 of Windheuser’s 33 posts remain inaccessible to most readers, and certainly to me.

Which is a shame, because Michael Windheuser has something to say, if we could get him posting somewhere we can actually read him. His ten science articles you can currently access are well worth your time.

Michael G. Windheuser, Ph.D. posts at, an evangelical ministry. As with all such collaborative efforts, the site is a mixed bag depending on the writer. It should go without saying (but doesn’t, so I’ll say it) that as with every site I mention here, enthusiasm about a particular post or writer is not a blanket endorsement of everything they believe or an endorsement of the views of everyone with whom they associate. It is also my personal opinion and may or may not reflect that of others who post at ComingUntrue.

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