Wednesday, October 21, 2015

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“Eclectic and intriguing” might be my best crack at describing Morally Contextualized Romance ... a fancy way to say ‘marriage’.

Scott and Mychael Klajic are the duo behind the blog, with the experience of eight years together and four children to show for it. The pair previously wrote about Christian marriage at the now-defunct Courtship Pledge website, abandoned after a major technical glitch erased two years of work. The new site is nominally about “God’s hierarchy for marriage” but though nearly every post intersects in some way with the topic, relationships do not seem to be the site’s only (or even its primary) focus.

Not by a long shot.

In one post, for instance, Scott starts by asking whether apologizing is biblical and goes on to lay out the scriptural pattern for repentance and forgiveness, in contrast to the standard “non-apology apology” template preferred by politicians and entertainers when they transgress (or are otherwise fearful of public opinion). Scott has a habit of going right to the scriptures for his answers, something that always sits well with me.

In another, entitled “Silence Is Affirmation”, Mychael ponders the most godly and effective course of action when she finds herself among Christian women verbally running down their husbands. That’s not one I could write, but her conclusions will interest me.

And in my favourite post so far, Scott sets out to reconcile his obligations as a psychologist bound by the American Psychological Association Code of Ethics with his worldview as a Christian … and concludes that he may never qualify as “culturally competent” by the standards of the APA:
“This kind of thinking has several broad implications.

1.      Based on my beliefs, am I culturally competent to counsel a gay married couple, or any non-heterosexual monogamous one?

2.      Based on my beliefs, am I culturally competent to counsel pre-marital couples who are sexually active?

3.      Based on my beliefs, am I culturally competent to counsel Christian couples who are totally committed to the ‘egalitarian,’ ‘mutually submissive’ form of marriage that modern Christian pastors are peddling.”
Neither Scott nor Mychael is inclined to mince words. Their firm commitment to “live out marriage God’s way” is increasingly counter-cultural even within the modern Christian subculture.

It’s a different approach to a whole spectrum of marriage-related subjects, and well worth a look.

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