Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Front or Back Door?

Churches are always under attack, but some attacks are less obvious than others.

There’s little profit in speculating about the angelic constitution, but I think we can assume with some measure of scriptural warrant that our spiritual enemies don’t get tired out or demoralized the way human beings do. And where we age and die and pass the torch in hope our successors will carry on what we have begun, the “cosmic powers over this present darkness” are able to gnaw away methodically at the work of God over generations.

More erosion than explosion, if you like.

Exploding ...

Back in February, IC sent me a link to an obvious frontal assault with heavy artillery. There’s even an explicit declaration of war:

Ohio LGBT Group Announces Plans to Target
Churches for Homosexual Weddings

The idea is to force local Christians to rent church facilities to groups that oppose their beliefs. As congressman Nino Vitale puts it, “What the other side’s going to tell you is, ‘the minute you’re open to the public, you’re fair game.’ ”

Well, we kinda knew THAT was coming. It will be interesting to see how that plays out, and how soon we’ll all be dealing with similar issues.

… and Eroding

But that’s the obvious attack: knock on the front door, bring your battering ram. It’s the back door attacks that get overlooked. Infiltration takes longer and is not for the easily distracted, but it has been very effective over the years.

Gary North’s Crossed Fingers tells the story of the liberal subversion of the major U.S. Presbyterian denominations. Just as political conservatism in North America has beaten a slow retreat before the forces of social progressivism, Presbyterian conservatives fought a purely defensive battle, failed to respond to direct challenges to orthodoxy, and have become largely irrelevant today.

That’s textbook satanic back-door work: patient, inexorable and almost-but-not-quite invisible. That, and many, many lies were told along the way.

We can’t even give progressives much credit for their victory, because it took them over 60 years to pull it off, which explains why North’s book weighs in at nearly 1,100 pages. He chronicles the takeover in excruciating detail.

Let’s face it: any attack that lasts for 60 years is not JUST the work of misguided men. Nobody human has that much energy.

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