Friday, April 26, 2019

Anonymously Asking More Easily

Hard-coding HTML tables from scratch is not my favorite pastime, but I finally got around to adding the titles to our reference pages for at least one of our ongoing features. The Anonymous Asks posts are among our most-read (there’s a new installment every Monday), and I think it was worth the time invested to give our readers a way to find older posts they want to share, and to give new readers a way to easily locate topics that may be of interest.

If it isn’t clear what I mean, the links that used to look like this:

now look like this:
Anonymous Asks (1) Why not get rid of the Old Testament?
Anonymous Asks (2) If your father tells you to kill someone and you say ‘no’, would that be considered a sin?
Hopefully the latter setup proves more useful.

You can find the Anonymous Asks reference page here. (There’s also a link just below the banner on our main page to all our ongoing and legacy features.)

No promises, but I will try to eventually do the same for the reference pages of other regular features that might benefit from a little more clarity about what’s in each post.

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