Sunday, August 11, 2019

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Evangelicals are under attack. The bigger the denomination, the more resources and congregants they have, and the more formally they are constituted, the more enthusiastically the enemy is coming at them.

The Southern Baptist Convention (15 million members) is currently hardest hit, but that makes a certain sort of sense: they are the second-largest Christian denomination in the U.S., and the largest Protestant denomination. Get effective control of that behemoth and you’ve really accomplished something.

Christians expect to come under fire from the “cosmic powers over this present darkness”. We do not always expect our earthly enemies to be quite so organized or to do much long-term strategic thinking. This is definitely changing, as Bernie, IC and I discussed recently here and here. Pointing out that globalists and ecumenicalists have joined forces to infiltrate and subvert evangelical churches is no longer the province of conspiracy theorists and paranoiacs. The 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto, Canada was open to pretty much anyone interested in attending, and its strategy of explicitly targeting and breaking down evangelical resistance to the project was right up there on the screen in PowerPoint for everyone present to see. is a website maintained by a small coalition of mostly North Carolina-based evangelists, journalists and apologists dedicated to — in their words — defending the faith, evangelizing the lost, and reporting on various happenings as they relate to Christianity in Charlotte, NC and the world. So far they are doing a credible job of shining the spotlight on examples of compromise and departure from orthodoxy within evangelicalism and Christendom generally.

In the last week alone they’ve given us this post on JD Greear’s endorsement of the SBC’s full-on adoption of Critical Race Theory, this one on former purity culture pastor Josh Harris marching in a Gay Pride Parade, and this one about Rachel Gilson, an author who has published with John Piper’s Desiring God, teaching that gender is independent of biological sex. Last month it was Beth Moore’s claim that calling homosexuality a sin is “exceeding scripture”.

If that sounds a little bit like a Christian scandal sheet ... well, maybe it does. To be fair, the Reformation Charlotte stories I have read so far have been carefully documented and sourced, did not contain wild, unsubstantiated accusations or lascivious details and, as much as possible, allowed the Christian public figures they put under the microscope to make their case in their own words. Most articles also contain a link to a gospel presentation for any unsaved who may wander in.

As much as we may find this sort of subject matter distasteful (or at least we should), there is some value in exposing the unfruitful works of darkness in order that the unsuspecting may have opportunity to avoid taking part in them.

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