Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Drip, Drip, Drip

Jackson v. Ventavia is the abbreviated title of proceedings in a lawsuit currently being heard in a US District Court in Texas. Under an old law nicknamed the “False Claims” Act, anyone with specific knowledge of corruption or fraud in relation to any government contract may file suit on behalf of the government against an alleged offender.

Court documentation being in the public domain, we can now see some pretty interesting allegations and an even more interesting response.

Jackson v. Ventavia

The short version: Brook Jackson is a former clinical trial auditor and regional director for drug giant Ventavia (formerly Pfizer) who was fired immediately after reporting her concerns about the conduct of the COVID-19 “vaccine” trials to the US Food and Drug Administration. Last week her lawyers filed their opposition to Pfizer’s motion to dismiss her action. Jackson is alleging that Pfizer falsified data, un-blinded patients in supposedly-blind tests, employed inadequately trained vaccinators and was slow to follow up on adverse events reported in Pfizer’s phase III trial. This was all in aid of rushing a vaccine to market that in November 2021 was making Big Pharma a profit close to $65,000 every minute, or approximately $34 billion annually while definitely not working as advertised.

Pfizer then responded to Jackson’s claims. The following is Jackson’s lawyers’ characterization of Pfizer’s legal argument, not the way Pfizer themselves necessarily sought to portray their own behavior, but it still serves as a pithy summary of their attempt to persuade the court to rule in the corporation’s favor. From the Introduction:

“Respondents seek dismissal without discovery, amendment, or trial. Their fundamental premise: even if honestly reported data showed their product caused more illness than it cured, inflicted more injury than it prevented, and took more lives than it saved, America’s military would still have given them billions of dollars and mandated it be injected into America’s military. Respondents claim fraudulent certifications, false statements, doctored data, contaminated clinical trials, and firing of whistleblowers can be ignored based on the theory that they contracted their way around the fraud.”

“The Government Made Me Do It”

Apparently this is what passes for a legal argument these days. Not “We’re innocent”, or even “You haven’t proven we committed fraud”, but basically “Even if we did commit fraud, your government knew about it and agreed to it up front.” Their line of reasoning is that even if Pfizer did fudge the trials, which now seems all but certain, the US government colluded in defrauding its taxpayers. It is not quite a concession of guilt, but if you can’t read the writing on the wall here, you’ve probably never been involved in a legal proceeding.

Bear in mind this is one lawsuit from one whistleblower, and it may well end in dismissal. But it is one of the first drips in what looks to eventually become a river. What it does establish with a fair degree of certainty is that if the COVID vaccines have indeed killed or done serious harm to significant numbers of individuals, as VAERS statistics continue to indicate, nobody in the US is terribly interested in taking responsibility for that. This is in stark contrast to Europe, where the responsibility of government in COVID vaccine injuries has already been conceded. In England, for example, reparations are being made to the families of people injured or killed by the vaccine to the tune of £120,000 per person.

An allegedly-democratic society whose representatives fail to act in the best interests of its citizens is really acting against itself. In a democratic state, citizens are responsible to their government and government is responsible to its citizens, and both are expected to behave lawfully. Christians are responsible to obey the authorities God has put over us, but we are not under any obligation to trust them, let alone to trust the megacorporations with which they contract, supposedly on our behalf. It will be interesting to see how the courts rule on this and other vaccine-related lawsuits.

Feet, Meet Mouth

But let’s get practical for a moment and wind back the clock to the barrage of “get vaccinated” propaganda coming from evangelical thought-leaders in the US during 2021, who wrote and said things like “The pandemic is effectively over for the fully vaccinated” (The National Association of Evangelicals), “Thank God and roll up your sleeve” (The Gospel Coalition), “Should Christians take this vaccine? I think so” (Center for Pastor Theologians), “The vaccine is not the enemy” (Relevant Magazine) or “We should think generously of our government and health professionals” (Hunter Bible Church). Some even recycled early statistics that have since turned out to grossly misrepresent the long-term medical realities (looking at you, John Piper).

I well understand politicians and doctors who are reluctant to admit culpability in spreading misinformation and endangering people’s lives. But Christians who have erred in this area should not be among them. So here’s my question: When are we going to see any of these folks who came out in favor of vaccination and strongly urged it on believers start to walk back their statements and concede they had no idea what they were talking about? Or are we going to see them doubling down, muttering excuses like “We just did what we were told”, “Science said …” or “Nobody could have known”?

We’re waiting …

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