Thursday, August 18, 2022

Two Can Play That Game

Pearls of wisdom from Mary Kassian:

“A husband does not have the right to demand or extract submission from his wife. Submission is HER choice — her responsibility … it is NOT his right!! Not ever. She is to ‘submit herself’ — deciding when and how to submit is her call. In a Christian marriage, the focus is never on rights, but on personal responsibility. It’s his responsibility to be affectionate. It’s her responsibility to be agreeable. The husband’s responsibility is to sacrificially love as Christ loved the Church — not to make his wife submit.”

So it is “HER choice — her responsibility … deciding when and how to submit is her call”. So declares Mary Kassian.

But I notice she doesn’t draw the obvious parallel when she writes, “It’s his responsibility to be affectionate … the husband’s responsibility is to sacrificially love the wife.”

Doesn’t she mean, “It’s HIS choice — his responsibility. Deciding when and how to be affectionate, to love his wife is his call”? That’s what would logically follow.

Oh, I see. For HIM it’s an obligation, and for HER it’s merely an option. Got it.

Is anyone buying this?

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  1. Just a suggestion but I think that the word choice as used by her refers more to the timing, the when, and is not meant as a qualifier, a an "if" used as an out from the responsibility. In other words with making a choice there is usually also some discretion with regard to the situation and the timing of that choice involved. That would then be implicit but not mentioned also in regard to his responsibility.