Saturday, November 05, 2016

C.S. Lewis Goes YouTubing

Embedding is disabled by request on these C.S. Lewis videos posted on YouTube, but I’m happy to be able to link to them. They are way too much fun.

If you haven’t seen a “doodle” before, it’s a video enhanced with what looks like an animated chalkboard scrawl that illustrates the content being narrated for you. Someone has gone to the trouble of doodling at least thirty readings from the beloved Christian apologist.

Read distinctly and effectively in a suitably plummy English accent, and smartly illustrated with dozens (even hundreds) of pertinent scrawls, the Lewis fan of my generation will find these mesmerizing.

If you’re anything like I am, hearing something read aloud helps to lodge it in your beleaguered cranium far more effectively than mere scan reading, and seeing it illustrated in front of you makes it even more memorable. Our own Bernie is using these videos to interest his teenage son in Lewis’ Christian reflections. I can’t think of too many better gifts for an intelligent, serious young follower of Jesus Christ.

And free even!

Here’s a list of the videos currently available, with links to all. They range from seven minutes to half an hour.


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