Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Out of the Closet and Out of the Sea

Globalism is out of the closet. Finally.

For years now, politicians from countries all over the world enraptured with the Ideology That Dared Not Speak Its Name have pursued their dream of global government. Until the end of last year, they were savvy enough to do it behind the scenes, giving the occasional barely-perceptible nod to national interests in order to avoid raising the hackles of the rank and file that their policies had impoverished and unemployed by the millions. Attentive observers of Washington and the Eurozone noticed something was a bit off, but recognized that being overly vocal with their suspicions would tend to nuke their credibility with the audience that pays the bills.

Hey, even political commentators have to eat, right?

Dozing In My Easy Chair

However unlikely it may seem to those of us who are well aware of his personal deficiencies, it is President Trump who has exposed all that. At this point, I’d have to be dozing in my easy chair when the news comes on to miss the fact that the majority of elected Republicans are committed to precisely the same long-term goals as their Democrat counterparts despite having made a very different set of promises to their Republican base to get themselves elected in the first place. The U.S. is being run by a bi-factional ruling party unwaveringly committed to free trade, socialized healthcare, open borders and the unprecedented offshoring of American jobs.

In short, globalism — precisely the opposite agenda to that on which President Trump was elected by a majority of Americans, and in the face of which he is nothing more than just an increasingly inconvenient orange bump in the road.

God bless him anyway.

To make matters more interesting, the same globalist phenomenon is all but overwhelming Europe.

Two recent news stories jump out:

Third World Abortions Are Go!

First, Norway has joined Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Canada and Cape Verde in funding access to abortion services for women in the Third World. Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg is kicking in $10 million to help cover shortfalls created by U.S. President Donald Trump’s ban on U.S.-funded groups.

The obvious question: What possible interest does the average Norwegian taxpayer have in aborting African and Indian children?

The answer: He doesn’t. She doesn’t. The globalists do.

If President Trump won’t cough up American tax dollars to kill babies, Prime Ministers Solberg and Trudeau will. Let’s face facts: somebody (or somebodies) much bigger than the nation-state is pulling the strings here.

Constitutional Rights for the Whole World

Second, in what would initially appear to be a completely unrelated matter, last Tuesday the U.S. Supreme Court began considering this question: can a U.S. law enforcement officer be sued in American courts for the death of a foreigner outside the United States?

Why does this matter? Well, it sets a very important precedent. If foreigners are held to have rights under the U.S. constitution, it’s a small step for globalists to petition Democratic judges to entrench open borders as a constitutionally protected right. From there, it’s pretty easy to ensure any future immigration pause is ruled unconstitutional.

Don’t think it’s accidental that this case is going to the Supremes to establish a binding precedent before President Trump’s latest judicial nominee can be confirmed. It almost surely ain’t.

The Beast Out of the Sea

Well, so what? Why should Christians care? I almost shouldn’t have to tell you.

In his vision in the book of Revelation, the apostle John saw a “beast rising out of the sea” that had seven heads and ten horns. The prophet Daniel had a similar vision many years prior, and Daniel’s “beast” was explicitly interpreted for him as a “kingdom” that “shall devour the whole earth”. A global kingdom. This kingdom will be energized by Satan himself, will be idolatrously worshiped by the entire world, will have authority over every tribe and people and language and nation and will “make war” on the saints of God.

If you’re one of those, that should probably matter to you.

One Quick Last-Minute Thrash

Despite the frantic last-minute thrashings of nationalists across the Western world who seem to have spotted this trend far too late, the momentum of history appears to be toward precisely what the prophets of scripture have foretold.

Surprise, surprise. Not.

Some Christians, recognizing that all this will ultimately lead to the return of Jesus Christ to earth, say, “Haste the day!” Others, like me, might say, “Hey Lord, let’s let a few more lost souls in first.”

Either way, we are passengers on this train. I do not think the controls are within our grasp. That may not matter in the end, because we serve a Master who will kill the inventor of global dominion with the breath of his mouth and bring him to nothing by the appearance of his coming. On that basis, I have a fair bit of confidence in our side.

Still, let’s not kid ourselves about where the globalist train is headed. And let’s not board it naively.

Or willingly.

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