Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Top 10 Posts of 2022

Another year, another ±365 blog posts, some of which were read more than others. Happily, none of our ten most popular posts last year had anything to do with either COVID‑19, a subject we would all be delighted to never hear anything about again, or Calvinism, which … ditto.

Just like last year, Immanuel Can managed to snag the number one spot. Unlike some previous years, the ten most-read new posts in 2022 had no real features in common. Among them we have a book review, a series of unconnected reflections, a meditation on the importance of Christ’s death, a structural analysis of an Old Testament book and a couple of housekeeping projects.

Basically a miscellany.

So without further ado, here are our ten most-read new posts of 2022:

10. Into an Uncertain Future (January 5)

We who love Christ are often preoccupied with what we need for today, next week, month, year or during our short lifespan. But it is only as we think of Christ’s death on the cross, the empty tomb in Joseph of Arimathea’s garden, the filled throne in heaven, and all that results from his triumph, that we will be able to walk worthy of the glorious calling that is ours.

By Colin Anderson

9. A Cave Full of Fumes and a Law Etched in Stone (February 9)

The Greek biographer Plutarch lived during the period when the New Testament was being written, in a culture of opinion, ignorance and speculation that sounds an awful lot like the present day. Thankfully, you and I don’t have to do the same.

By Tom

8. God-Shaped Heart Surgery [Part 1] (March 8)

Timothy Jennings’ 2017 book The God-Shaped Heart was a minor controversy with a few useful thoughts amidst the yawning mineshafts. One of these is the distinction between imposed law and design law. The first instalment of a two-parter.

By Tom

7. Semi-Random Musings (24) (January 18)

In which I give thanks for the limits of human memory, discuss the advantages of a Christian worldview, consider the believer’s walk as “stretches of faithfulness, interrupted with periodic failures” (thanks Doug Wilson), and contemplate the Christian’s obligations to the Great Resetters.

By Tom

6. In and Among (January 23)

You can’t do good works in a vacuum. You can’t do good works in view of some abstract spiritual concept. You need real, living, breathing people to do them for and with. A meditation on the importance of Christian fellowship.

By Tom

5. The Structure of Leviticus (March 16)

The first of a four-part series looking at the structure of Leviticus as nine sets of laws punctuated by three historical interludes, all of which have something to do with judgment.

By Tom

4. Getting Off the Hamster Wheel (October 18)

Modern churches are machines. We may pay lip service to the “body”, “bride” and “building” metaphors of the New Testament, but when it comes right down to it, the average evangelical’s vision of corporate Christian life is more like a perpetual motion machine than any of those biblical images … or possibly more like a hamster wheel.

By Tom

3. Top 10 Posts of 2021 (January 4)

This post, only for 2021.

By Tom

2. Onward and Upward (January 9)

97% of the 600 million blogs on the web use social media to boost their results. We don’t. Somehow over the last nine years you managed to find us anyway, for which we are immensely grateful.

By Tom

1. Why Your Pastor Won’t Help You Now (March 3)

A very nasty form of false teaching is invading evangelical churches in the form of Neo-Marxist Social Justice. Be advised that your pastor probably won’t give you much help fighting it.

Hmm. Why is that exactly?

By Immanuel Can

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