Sunday, June 14, 2015

Inbox: Dawkins and Calvin Go to Hell

Or not. Tertius writes:
“Our Lord spoke three parables in Luke 15. They form His three-pronged answer to the criticism, ‘this man receiveth sinners and eats with them’ found at the end of the previous chapter. Jesus protests that anything lost (a sheep, a coin, or a son) evokes grief but the finding of them calls for celebration. I have heard subpoints of teaching made from the illustration of the two sons which miss that emphasis and I remember a discussion as to whether the prodigal was a lost sinner or a backslidden Christian!”
“I fear that in a similar way some will seek to determine whether IC thinks Calvin a Christian or not. After all, in his bus illustration, Calvin arrives at the same destination as the atheist, does he not?

But I do not see IC prepared to decide the eternal state of anyone; he is tracing the logical end of believing what Calvinists assert. He insists that kind of a God cannot be found in Scripture and does not exist.

Sometimes a teaching to which people subscribe is not what they truly believe, especially when it comes to themselves! It produces uncertainty and arises from trying to reconcile what is thought of as Divine sovereignty with human free will. I ought to confess faith in both with God’s word in front of me.”
Immanuel Can responds:
“Quite so. The ‘bus’ goes to Fatalism and Resignation, two cities off the straight and narrow to be sure. But it’s not the bus to the Lake of Fire.

At the moment, Mr. Dawkins seems earnest about riding that one alone. Let’s pray he has the good sense to transfer at the city of Repentance.”

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