Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Scientific Materialism and the Good Wife

[Originally presented April 15, 2014]
Popular culture is an ocean of leftist muck, propaganda and uncritical thinking.

Still, there are rare occasions when you run across something so thought-provoking and strikingly out of place in its lucidity that you just can’t believe it’s actually on TV.

It is sadly common these days to leave entirely unexamined the real life implications of one’s philosophical and religious beliefs, or the lack thereof.

There are about 100 comments that come to mind about the following scene, but maybe I’ll just let it speak for itself.

Courtroom drama from The Good Wife:

Alicia: When we left off, Professor, you said you believed in right and wrong, and that it was wrong to hurt people. Professor?

Witness: I said that this was a custody hearing. My scientific materialism doesn’t apply here.

Alicia: Chapter 5, on morality: “Humans create value systems to organize the world. Pleasure is good, pain is bad. Charity is good, murder is bad. But they are random and, in fact, meaningless.” Do you not believe this?

Witness: ...

Judge: Professor?

Witness: I do.

Alicia: So, Professor, you believe your son Nico is nothing more than a product of his atoms?

Witness: My son is a glorious result of the miracle of nature.

Alicia: Yes. Which means a product of his atoms?

Witness: Yes.

Alicia: So when he dies, what remains of him?

Witness: He’s gone.

Alicia: When someone dies there’s nothing left of them?

Witness: That’s why I plan to value every moment with my son. I will hold him, and love him, and teach him …

Alicia: But to what end? Why?


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