Sunday, September 04, 2016

Inbox: Some Sound Advice

A request for prayer about an upcoming opportunity with unsaved relatives generates the following response from a sibling:
“What’s really weird about your note is that apparently [noted evangelist who is much better than I am at such things] wasn’t invited to dinner.

Go figure.

I guess I’m left to understand that his particular set of attributes and skills are not wanted/needed and the Lord has other plans in mind for the time that require different abilities.”
Okay. Well then. Don’t stop on my account.
“Probably the worst advice would be to go and try to [imitate aforementioned noted evangelist], because if that was what was needed, he would be there. But he ain’t. You is. So go and be you. Listen, enjoy, answer when asked. Open a door. Create opportunity for additional chats. Take it as far as you are permitted and encouraged to go and go no further.

After all, you’re working for Someone who opens doors nobody can shut and shuts doors that even your best intentions can’t open.”
Good point. Message received.

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