Saturday, September 17, 2016

Quote of the Day (25)

Last Monday, Prime Minister Trudeau addressed Muslims in an Ottawa mosque. I almost managed to refrain from commenting, but here goes.

Never mind that the particular imam connected with that mosque happens to be a member of a group considered a terrorist organization. Never mind that the women in Trudeau’s entourage had their heads covered in deference to Islam in their own country; that’s all fine and to be expected from a Liberal government.

No, the real kicker was Trudeau’s subject: Canadian values.

Brian Lilley of Rebel Media tweets:

Yes, @JustinTrudeau is speaking about Canadian values as women are segregated. #becauseits2016

It seems the number one Canadian value currently on display is logical incoherence. Thankfully we are not the only Western nation attempting to map the outer limits of cognitive dissonance. Consider this, from Douglas Wilson, who is American but observes the same ideological absurdities among U.S. liberals:
“The secularist, tethered to nothing, anchored firmly to 500 pounds of stratosphere, sets up a hue and cry about genital mutilation in the Middle East, and then in the next breath wants to make it illegal for anyone in this country even to object to our forms of secularist genital mutilation (i.e. youth transgenderism).

In Yemen, the mutilation of a young girl’s genitals is described as primitive and backward. And yet now in Massachusetts, if a church objects to vile parents having a young boy’s penis cut off, those who object to this are classified as haters. In Yemen, that really is an appalling practice carried down into the present from centuries of backward superstition. In Massachusetts, this is the new regime, being instituted now, as we speak, by the enlightened ones, the progressives. In reality, they are as blinkered as it gets.

Such absurdities and contradictions abound. And if they are so plain, and yet so invisible to those in the grip of them, what we need to do is explain why that is. To do so, let us return to our first paragraph. Rights derive from God. God is the giver of rights. If there is no God, there are no rights. If there is a false god, there are false rights. Water does not rise above its own level, and rights in a worshiper do not rise above the nature and character of the one worshiped.

The true and living God can bestow rights. Idols cannot do so. Imaginative fancies cannot endow anybody with anything.”

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