Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Nothing to be Proud Of

“Pride Month” is upon us once again, though for Canadians it is only the beginning of sorrows, the first of four months dedicated to the government-sanctioned celebration of a lifestyle the Bible calls an abomination.

Naturally, the “season” commences with a barrage of new data, which, as with all survey results, is open to multiple interpretations.

All Around the World

From World of Statistics, here’s the percentage of the adult population alleged to currently identify as LGBT for various countries around the world:

Mexico: 12%
Portugal: 9.9%
Japan: 8.9%
Iceland: 6.9%
Austria: 6.2%
Netherlands: 6%
Canada: 5.3%
Poland: 4.9%
Israel: 4.5%
USA: 4.5%
Germany: 3.9%
France: 3.7%
Brazil: 3.5%
Australia: 3.5%
Argentina: 3%
Malaysia: 3%
Spain: 2.8%
New Zealand: 2.7%
UK: 2.7%
Sweden: 2.6%
Ireland: 2.6%
Italy: 2.4%
Denmark: 2.3%
India: 2%
Hungary: 1.5%

You may be inspired to consider a move to Hungary. I was.

Exclamations and Explanations

These are the adult figures. Numbers are presumably higher among teens. That’s to be expected. Young people are much more open to indoctrination than adults, and much more inclined to virtue signal their acceptance of things the older segments of their society find unacceptable. Once they settle down in their twenties, the vast majority of these self-identified gay and binary enthusiasts metastasize into perfectly ordinary heterosexuals with distasteful pasts.

The high numbers in Mexico are a wild outlier. If legitimate (which many commenters question), I am convinced they have as much to do with actual lifestyle preferences as those online commercials for the thousands of attractive young Russian women who desperately want to marry Western men. (“Looking for love.” Yeah, right.) Portugal and Japan are incomprehensible. Iceland is understandable: it’s extremely leftist. But what interests me is how quickly the percentages taper off once you get out of the top five. The vast majority of Western countries are still under 5%, including the very permissive Scandanavians.

Canada is seventh, the US tenth. Various websites report the exact same data with different spins. The American political left is head over heels at the claim that 20 million American adults self-identify as LGBT, but in a country of 339 million people, you can find 20 million of just about anything. (I’m not kidding about that: the US has 45 million bird watchers, more than twice the number of its self-identified LGBT citizens.) Comments at other websites marvel at how small these numbers remain, even when inflated by people promoting LGBT identification. One commenter points out that twenty years of propaganda has only nudged the percentage of Canadians identifying as LGBT from 3% to 5%. That seems comparatively trivial, though it’s definitely a trend in the wrong direction.

Now Consider This …

A 2021 StatsCan survey found 53.3% of Canadians identified as Christian that year. 63% of Americans called themselves Christian in the same period. Both those statistics are as highly suspect as the claim that 12% of Mexicans are LGBT, given that the word “Christian” means so many different things to different people. Do genuine, committed believers make up even a third or a quarter of this inflated percentage? If so, we vastly outnumber LGBT self-identifiers in every nation on earth. In Canada, even if only a tenth of self-identified Christians really know Christ, we still match the existing LGBT crowd head for head.

So how is it that Christians, with the words of eternal life in our hearts, have so much less impact on our culture than this false, destructive, thoroughly self-centered ideology? That’s something to ponder.

And nothing to be proud of.

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